Girl take off your pants: Jean Edition

Girl take off your pants: Jean Edition

Hi, Hello! 


We’re talking all things Denim. This is a big one, so perhaps grab your favourite beverage to enjoy while you read. 


Goodbye leggings… HELLO DENIM!


Okay so the skinny jean has been reigning supreme for the past decade, but they’re no longer queen bee. They’re now more of a staple piece. To be honest, I’m not that upset about it. Skinny jeans, while extremely versatile, are often uncomfortable, especially when sitting for long periods of time. Not to mention the elastin used in most skinny jeans is unrecyclable and terrible for the planet.  Don’t completely discount all your skinny jeans, they’re versatile and good to have in your closet, but it’s definitely time to add some other fits into the mix. 


Side story - I was going through old photos with my Grandma this long weekend and came across my parents rocking their exposed button, high waisted, wide leg levis jeans. Damn they looked really good! And I thought, yep! We’re headed back to the pre-skinny jean golden age when denim was thick, stretch-free and more of a statement piece rather than a staple. 


Fun fact! It used to be that the fashion houses of Milan, Paris and New York would dictate what was fashionable and then use super models to push the style. Now, in this new age of social media, we’re seeing street style fashion influencing the styles of the fashion houses. In other words, we, the people, are becoming more creative, adventurous and in tune with our own personal style. Go us! It’s about time we started dressing for ourselves and our lifestyles.


So what’s currently trending on the denim front? Anything with shape, texture and details! This includes denim shorts, dresses and jackets! Halle-freakin-luiah! Finally! Denim designed to celebrate and fit every body shape and personality! Here’s the 411 on denim styles.  


Denim Details 

We’re purchasing denim these days as statement pieces, so details are key. This season we’re seeing exposed buttons, frayed edges, rips and acid wash. We’re taking all the best trends from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and blending them together. 


Here are some recommendations for statement denim purchases. Keep in mind these are statement jeans, so they are more of an investment with a higher price point. 


-       Zara

-       Levi’s 

-       Top Shop 

-       Tommy Hilfiger  

-       Denim Forum


Now let’s dive into the top 4 denim styles of the season. 


High Waisted Denim 

High waisted denim is topping the charts this year! It contours the body and shows off your curves in all the right ways! High waisted denim can be seen in wide legs, bell bottoms, ankle lengths, paper bag denim. 


How to Wear High Waisted Denim

Make sure they are the correct size for you. Because there is very little stretch to them, I recommend going up a size up and belting them. High waisted jeans are designed to show off your curves, so tuck in a blouse or simple t-shirt into the waistband of the jeans.


Wide Leg Denim

Characterized by a trouser-like wide leg, this style of denim will hug you in all the right places and add dimension to your silhouette. 


How to Wear Wide Leg Denim

Try a classic tee tucked in and a pair of classic converse sneakers, or a cropped cable sweater, or a bodysuit and blazer combo with a clutch handbag and square-toe heels for this season’s hottest 90’s look! 


Bell Bottoms 

Characterized by a flare below your knee, bell bottoms balance out your hips and elongate your legs. We love that! Most traditional bell bottoms have little to no stretch and are high waisted so when buying them, they should be sung so they can mold to your curves. 


How to Wear Bell Bottom Jeans  

High waisted if your friend!  A high waist denim is very flattering and will add longer lines on your body. A balanced outfit is key to a successful bell bottom meaning if your pant leg is super wide, keep your top tailored by choosing a more fitted top. This will balance out the shape of the outfit and be very flattering on your body. 


Ankle Length Denim 

They fall anywhere between the lower part of the calf to the ankle bone. There are many variations to the ankle length denim. Some are skinny, some have a wide leg, some have unfinished edges, and some are high waisted. It’s a choose your own ending kind of novel with the ankle length denim. 


How to Wear Ankle Length Denim 

Ankle length denim is traditionally a more fitted jean. These pants look amazing with fashion sneakers, or for my heel lovers, paired with any type of sleek summer heel. Since these are more of a fashion forward denim, you can play around with tops. Sheer blouses, tucked in tee’s bodysuits, blazers … you name it! Anything goes. 



‘Things get more novel as they get older; age adds rarity.’ At least that’s what I tell myself! Joking aside, this statement definitely applies to vintage denim! We’ve been programmed that it’s faux pas to wear fashion that’s outdated, but when it comes to statement pieces, this fashion rule is meant to be broken. After all, denim is more of a statement piece these days. When you pair vintage classics like Tommy Hilfiger or Levis with even a basic bodysuit, BAM! You’ve got on a killer outfit. So don’t underestimate thrifting especially when it comes to denim! I recommend checking out The Clothing Exchange … wink wink


Long blog longer, here’s a good rule of thumb when putting outfits together. 


Loose Top = Fitted Bottoms 

Fitted Top = Relaxed Fit Bottom 


Now say it with me. I, (INSERT YOUR NAME) solemnly swear to wear leggings only once a week. I promise to get on the denim wagon again and find a style that works for me. – Amen Sisters! 


There you have it. You solemnly swore… and there’s no going back on that kind of promise. I look forward to seeing more denim outfits around the city in the next few weeks! 


Happy shopping fashion friends! 

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