Our Story

My favourite thing about people and life is that it comes with a story. EveryBODY has a story, and I love to sit back and listen. Each story has a beginning, middle, next chapter, plot twist and sometimes an end. Each one being different in its own way.

This is The Clothing Exchange's Story:

I have dreamed of owning my own store for years, never quite sure what it would look like. I was the District Manager of a large bridal store for 10 years, empowering women to feel good in all SHAPES and SIZES.  

2020 came in like bang, giving me a life changer right from the beginning! It was the loss of my job that I loved for years. At the time I didn't realize it was a gift. A gift to allow my dream and story to begin. During my month visit in LA with my daughter, jobless, I came up with the idea. The idea to open up my own second hand clothing boutique.

I have been an avid thrifter my whole life. My friends tell me, "You make second hand look Gucci". I decided to do second hand the BobbieK way!  A boutique done by colour and design and not rows and row of clothing. An Artizia meets Talize of sorts. From there I began coming up with names...the most exciting part, right?!?!  I went through what felt like 100's of names until one day, I was walking down Venice Beach when it came to me. "ExCHANGE". The word ExCHANGE is so powerful to me. It has no beginning, middle or end but a continuous notion to share. To ExCHANGE energy in a positive way. We don't need to make an end with our clothing by putting them in a landfil, but to ExCHANGE them with someone else...letting them love and enjoy them! Creating their own stories and memories while wearing them. Then maybe...one day they could again ExCHANGE them, continung the CIRCLE of sharing.

This is where my store was born, where The Clothing Exchange begins. The Clothing Exchange is in its beginging chapters. It already has had great high's and learning CURVES, but I hope all you women continue to enter our doors and visit our online shop. I hope you continue turning the page of our little story, because we have lots of ExCHANGING to give, and I want YOU to be apart of our story.